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Has non-ideal credit been holding you back from behind the wheel of a new car, truck, or SUV? Here’s the good news: since dealerships traditionally aren’t able to sell vehicles to clients who have been turned down for a car loan, dealers have been doing loans directly.

Buy here pay here car lots specialize in helping consumers suffering from poor credit.

Now don’t count on an all-inclusive choice of cars and trucks, as the autos you meet the criteria to buy will likely be decided by your income and finances.

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Get Financed!

Nearly all fiscal specialists suggest your monthly payment account for no greater than 1/10th of whatever amount you earn per month. Let’s say bring in $47,805 each year (the Galilee average), this means $398 per month. Shelling out any more than 10% will put you in danger of failing to make payments, which would really destroy your credit.

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